Richard Angelo : The “Angel of Death” Nurse

Richard Angelo, an American serial killer, was 26 years old when he began working as a nurse at Good Samaritan Hospital on Long Island in New York. His background as a former Eagle Scout and volunteer fireman gave no indication of the dark intentions he harbored. Angelo’s desperate desire for recognition and heroism would eventually lead him down a path of heinous crimes that shocked the community.

Richard Angelo's psychological profile
Richard Angelo’s psychological profile

Richard Angelo The ‘Angel of Death’ Nurse – Deceptive Heroism Unveiled

Driven by an insatiable craving for admiration, For instance, Angelo concocted a disturbing plan. He would inject patients with drugs After that, pushing them to death. By “saving” them, he aimed to prove his heroic capabilities to colleagues and patients alike. However, this twisted scheme often resulted in fatalities, as his interventions frequently fell short.

John Stanley Fisher75September 8, 1987Detected
Milton Poultney75September 16, 1987Detected
Joseph Francis O’Neill79September 21, 1987Detected
Frederick LaGois65October 9, 1987Detected
Joan Hayes53October 5, 1987Detected
Gerolamo Kuchich73October 11, 1987Non-fatal dose
Anthony Greene57October 16, 1987Detected
Thirty-two bodies were exhumed for tissue samples, and Pavulon’s presence was found in seven victims

The Grim Reality

Angelo’s graveyard shift allowed him to execute his evil plan. During his time at Good Samaritan, a staggering 37 “Code Blue” emergencies were recorded, with only 12 of these patients surviving. His actions painted a chilling picture of calculated manipulation.

Administering Death

Undeterred by his failures, Angelo continued injecting patients with a deadly combination of paralyzing drugs after that, including Pavulon and Anectine. Patients would succumb to numbness and restricted breathing. Above all, this leaves them unable to communicate their distress to medical staff.

Richard Angelo
Richard Angelo

Suspicion Arises

Suspicion finally fell on Angelo when a patient he had injected, Gerolamo Kucich, managed to alert medical staff after receiving one of Angelo’s deadly injections.

A urine sample tested positive for the drugs Angelo had administered without authorization.

The Arrest and Revelations

Subsequent searches of Angelo’s locker and home revealed vials of the lethal drugs. After that, it led to his arrest. Above all, the exhumed bodies of suspected victims confirmed the presence of the drugs. Angelo’s taped confession revealed his motivations. After that, a desperate attempt was made to overcome his feelings of inadequacy and gain recognition.

Angelo’s defense team claimed he suffered from dissociative identity disorder, implying he was unaware of the consequences of his actions due to multiple personalities. After that, the defense presented polygraph results as evidence. Despite this, he was convicted of two counts of second-degree murder, manslaughter, negligent homicide, and assault, ultimately receiving a 61-year-to-life sentence.


Richard Angelo’s horrifying actions shattered the trust of patients and colleagues alike. His quest for heroism led to a trail of death and destruction, forever staining his image as the “Angel of Death” nurse. The legacy of his crimes serves as a chilling reminder of the darkness that can hide beneath a seemingly altruistic fa├žade.

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